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ID 8764

Alvin Tse

Everything China @flipboard , Former EIR @startx , BS MS&E @stanford-university University

ID 160378

Dafeng Guo

Founder Striking.ly • Worked at @yahoo, @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley

ID 401901

Shailesh Adhav


Early investor/founder Channel Intelligence recently sold to Google (2/2013). VP Sales in N. America/Europe creating10X growth w/ profitable divisions.

ID 21086

Ray Chan

Co-founder of @9gag. Co-creator of @startup-quote. LLB HKU.

ID 29445

Nicholas Wang

Co-founder at @100village Driven to solve big social problems. Co-founded @makible, product managed [email protected] Ex @yahoo, @microsoft.

ID 66286

Gregory Lok

CEO + Co-Founder @ Joy & Revelry

ID 45224

Joel Gascoigne

Founder & CEO, @buffer: a smarter way to share. @angelpad alum. Took idea to revenue in 7 weeks. Now 1.2m users share 300K posts/day. Blogger, speaker, advisor.

ID 264949

Richard Chan


Managing Partner @ironfire-angel-fund . Founder @Vintners Group. Worked @microsoft , @altavista, @pwc . Berkeley Haas MBA

ID 46445

David McGrath


Founder Stimulate Media & Intabank. Advisory Board Nearmap. Former CEO VIAP, SVP Telstra, VP Yahoo!, VP IMG, BSkyB.

ID 165670

Jag Singh


Political strategist, angel investor, economist, occasional tech-innovator, wannabe troublemaker. Founder @strateusis, @messagespace @WESSDigital

ID 327080

Alan Chan


Founder @ipiao. Private and Strategic investor. Was at @goldman-sachs. Always @duke-university Blue Devil.

ID 295243

Carman Chan


serial entrepreneur, Angel, 3 exits, 1 failure, columnist, book author, property investor

ID 36387

Marco Fung

Co-founder of @singboard. Co-founder of @9gag. Computer Science HKUST.

ID 36386

Chris Chan

Co-founder of @9gag. Co-creator of @startup-quote. Architecture HKU.

ID 118200

Stanley Tang

Tech Entrepreneur, Marketer, Blogger, Designer and Overall Thinker. Author of eMillions. Co-Founder of @doordash Student at @stanford-university '14

ID 33166

Geoffrey Handley


Innovative, creative, challenger, entrepreneur and investor, 17 yrs global disruptive experience. Founder TheHyperfactory, ChinaScotFund, SnakkMedia, Pacific Connections. Investor Eniac, We&Co, BookTrack, IMRSV

ID 57079

George Cotsikis


Founder @mentat-innovations, @gpc-works • Worked at @citigroup, @salomon-brothers • Investor @visually • Studied at @university-of-cambridge, @imperial-college-london-1

ID 37321

Felix Lam


Investor @makible, @frenzoo, @blink, @snaptee, @coachbase, @insight-robotics

ID 17744

Simon Newstead


CEO, @frenzoo.com, 3d mobile lifestyle games

ID 168051

Guntram Graef


Technology Entrepreneur and Investor

ID 142877

Victor Lam

Co-Founder & CTO of @codementor • Creator of @ResumeTracker • Senior Software Engineer of @jiepang • Chief Developer of @nuandao

ID 3343

Leon Ho

Founder @steply. Top Young Asian Entrepreneur by Businessweek. Founder @lifehack. Eng Manager of @red-hat

ID 168797

Andy Lee


Asia startup advisor to @chartboost, @yodo1, @nom-games, founder/MD of @kabam in Asia, head of BD & digital media for NBA China and News Corp China, ex-VC and tech banker. +12 years in China, @university-of-california-berkeley, @haas-school-of-business

ID 195983

Ilissa Howard

Founder Milk & Honey • Worked at @the-walt-disney-company, @mattel @toysrus-com • Studied at @colgate-university

ID 175186

Andrew Tipton

Freelance developer in Hong Kong. Previously designed novel search algorithms at Adioso and redeveloped a real-money prediction market for iPredict.

ID 72401

Ulf Waschbusch

Founder Placety, GM / Mobile Head SGN, Chief of Product Garena, Director Mobile Myspace, PMM Google Mobile, Stanford MBA, Berkeley CS

ID 210295

Christopher Tuan (段宗宏)

COO @豆浆油条. VP of Biz Dev @hotelquickly. Biz Dev @secondmarket. Former Accountant @pwc-1. @UMD BA - Finance/Accounting. Avid Golfer and Tennis Player.

ID 470416

William Ho

Experienced in Design & Branding as well as other disciplines such as Marketing, Web Design, Product Design, Interactive Design and UX Design Will has consulting globally.

ID 40204

John Erik Metcalf


Co-Founder @demand-analytics. EIR @arbor-ventures.

ID 275334

Bruno Wu


Founder @euclid-company-ltd • Worked at @deutsche-bank, @ubs • Investor @butter-systems

ID 69628

Tony Lai

Founder & CEO @lawgives. Legal & Social Innovation @startx. Masters degrees from @oxford-university and @stanford-university, international lawyer, educator, systems & design thinker.

ID 22343

Taylor Luk

Founder of @issue • ANU '06 • @angelpad Alum • Product pesign & Strategy for Startups & Corps, Previously, bootstrapped site to 0.5M daily hits in a year.

ID 102514

David Berger

Founder and CEO of AiXunQi. Former Head of Asia for SecondMarket. Former attorney at O'Melveny & Myers. JD NYU School of Law. BA Cum Laude Emory University.

ID 35890

Paul Ford

Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Ecosystem Builder, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Creator of Cool Stuff (@techstars and @500startups mentor)

ID 158856

Vicky Wu

Co-founder @zaozao. Worked at @goldman-sachs • Studied at @harvard-university.

ID 75539

Tak Lo


Techstars. Founder turned Evangelist for Founders. Prior USArmy Enlisted, LondonBSchool, UChicago. I care about audacious challenges and small team execution.

ID 40197

Mathias Holzmann

co-founder of Skip just got back from causing trouble in Hong Kong. dropped out of a master at @oxford-university & loves food.

ID 282549

Ivan Au

J.D. Candidate, Stanford Law School '16. Previous Business Development Associate at Onswipe, M&A Analyst in TMT at Barclays Capital. Cornell '11.

ID 41465

Paul Orlando

Co-founder of AcceleratorHK, mobile startup accelerator. Also runs intense startup advisory program. Moving to LA.

ID 10445

Yat Siu

Founder @outblaze, @animoca • Investor @dopplr, @machinima

ID 131962

Edwyn Chan

Founder at @spottly Previously at @nba China @new-york-university @stern-school-of-business B.Sc | Joint @tsinghua-university University @massachusetts-institute-of-technology MBA

ID 98570

Bill McCord

Founder and CTO at @intuitive-automata Inc.

ID 212182

Nicky Szmala

Digital Director @ogilvyaction China, Co-founder @hackerhires, Mentor @founder-institute, @startupweekend and LSM, Awarded by German Chancellor

ID 4710

Jason Ngan


Led product. Developed high-freq trading platform, risk mgmt platform. BSMS Physics, EE

ID 273774

Mawgan Grace


Founder @speciality-imports-hong-kong • Airline Pilot for @british-airways, @easyjet & Cathay Pacific• Studied at @university-of-wales-institute-cardiff BSc

ID 241858

David J. Namdar


Hedge fund trader and tech investor

ID 28663

Epi Ludvik Nekaj

Crowdsourcer, Founder & CEO of Ludvik + Partners

ID 150201

Winston Ibrahim

Founder & CEO @hydros-bottle. Director/Investor at @thinkimpact. Investor in @runa-2, Investor in @ribbon , Nurture Inc aka HappyFamily Brands, and American Halal.

ID 156368

Wai Lun Hong

CEO of @snaptee. Love physics. Developer at @razorfish, Bootstrapped @gobuya-com to $5MM revenue in 2 years.

ID 94723

Mikaal Abdulla


I am the co founder & CEO of 8 Securities. My journey has taken me through Silicon Valley, New York, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong and now Tokyo.

ID 21920

Cory Kidd

Founder & CEO, @intuitive-automata. Creates interactive robot coaches for behavior change. Market 1: weight loss. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Media Lab PhD in human-robot interaction.

ID 35360

Gavenraj Sodhi

CEO and Co-Founder of iMedia.fm's A7 solution, providing an Immersive Experience Learning for Kids, reach of over 160 Million.

ID 57651

Raiford C Cockfield III

Co-Founder of Grapecrush. Founded Altruistic, worked at @lehman-brothers (LBREP, IBD) @stanford-graduate-school-of-business 2007 MBA.

ID 32131

Gene Soo

Combined tech and business background. Computer Engineering grad of @carnegie-mellon-university w/ Columbia MBA. Founded @stylenearby and StartupsHK (startup community in Hong Kong).

ID 176550

Christoph Wagner

Founder @reallifeconnect • Worked at @lookk

ID 37332

Shaun Mcwhortor

Co-founder @kumami.cn. Deals on unique US brands for kids in China. Director, @asiaclassified.com - Hong Kong Senior Marketing Manager, @alibaba.com - Hangzhou, China Board of Directors, @Luxewinecellars.com - Seattle, USA

ID 134157

Emanuel Breiter


CEO at AAIC, (Co-)Founder @aidyia-limited, @asia-real-estate-ltd, BOD @insight Robotics, @ DraftServe, @ Aidyia Limited

ID 268458

Heather R Morgan

"The Swiss Army Knife" for startups. Economist, entrepreneur, hustler in emerging markets. Published Author & 5 yrs freelance writer. @500startups

ID 32314

Peter Choi

Founder and CEO of @snapshock and @hiwave-dry-seafood. Hong Kong Internet entrepreneur. e-Marketing strategist. Former project manager at @hsbc and @nec.

ID 141337

Michael Rosen


CFO of Brighton Energy. Former CEO Oscar Gruss & Son Incorporated. @wharton-school School PhD & MBA, Investor @built-ny, @elong-com •

ID 143577

Brooke Sugarman

Founder & CEO at Falcon Expenses • Global Entrepreneur • Worked at @canon • Studied at University of California, @university-of-california-berkeley • Division 1 Athlete • Skier

ID 107960

Julien CHABE

Founder of @wiiiwaaa-1, Bookmark, Discover and Share Local Places all around the world !

ID 100756

Carlos Rivera

Cofounder of PayAllies; Worked at HP Labs, Microsoft and Hydra-Tech.

ID 161606

Gary Lee

Founder @snaptee • co-founded Gobuya.com. Studied at @university-of-central-england

ID 229448

Nicolas Reille


Founder and investor @twangoo, @eskapades, @connectu • Entrepreneur, marketer & investor.

ID 52024

Rebecca Li

Co-Founder & President at @genii, Inc.

ID 189926

Edward Relf


Online Games, Mobile Gaming & Apps, MMO, Marketing & Consultancy / Freelance. Growth Hacker & Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. Find out more at www.edrelf.com

ID 93844

Collin Thompson

Hong Kong based Designer, Media technology entrepreneur, and Investment Promotions Ambassador for InvestHK

ID 9009


Founder of myasiatrade.com.

ID 310780

Nils Pihl

CEO of Mention. Pioneer of behavioral engineering, sought-after speaker and author with background in international enterprise sales and consumer psych.

ID 62583

Truong Lam

Founder @taxiwise, • Worked at @apple, @varian-medical-systems • Studied at @csueastbay, @artinstitutesf

ID 138874


Founder of @sozzial, serial entrepreneur, gaming, social gaming, entertainment, gambling, semiconductors, consumer internet etc. Israel, SE Asia, USA, Europe.

ID 175179

Hidero Niioka

CEO of IPEXC • Stanford Law, PhD in IP @max Planck Institute, Germany. Worked at @Deutsche Bank. TMT Investment Banker, Lawyer in NY & Germany from Japan

ID 34805

Gene Anderson


Gene brings 30+ years of experience as CEO, team leader, and digital strategist, as well as high level management expertise.

ID 33534

Josh Lam

20 year old Entrepreneur, Blogger and Student. Architecture HKU.

ID 55844

David Israel-Rosen

CEO at @china-social-commerce-group (CSCG)

ID 106368

Salvador de la Barrera

Founder of @flipter. 2011 Asia's Top 50 apps, Winner of the Hong Kong Cyberport Creative Microfund, SLP Fellow.

ID 298829

Heatherm Huang

Founder @mailtime, @jiong-daily; China Manager at @talkbox; Studied at PolyU Design (MDes IxD).

ID 90826

Aki Kakko 期毅啟

Serial entrepreneur focusing on businesses in the field of recruitment, talent attraction & employer branding

ID 71103

Vincent Chan

Co-founder & CEO of @primitus.

ID 7052

Bryan Cooley

Grew 2 successful Inc 500 firms and 3 previous startups.

ID 85250

Samson Mow

Founder and CEO of @pixelmatic, executive producer, product manager, and game dev with a business background. AAA, web, social, & mobile games.

ID 403165

Trent Bigelow

Co-Founder @forsure-labs • Worked at @hp, @windstream-technologies-2 • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 357855

Frederick Henry Saurat


I'm an entrepreneur, Co-founder @ Thetmsway.com. I'm based in Hong Kong. I have accumulated a strong experience in Mobile marketing & commerce

ID 398371

Vivien Wang


Founder www.vogueisme.com • Studied at @yale-school-of-management

ID 134618

Michael Tanenbaum

Co-founder @connectcubed. Ex-World Bank software dev lead. MA in China Studies from Johns Hopkins-SAIS.

ID 67524

Steve Messina

Founder/CEO of @10xengineer. Worked as Chief Architect at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, UBS, Morgan Stanley, HSBC.

ID 28987

Max Henry

CEO of Asia's leading B2B media group looking for US$ 10 million expansion financing.

ID 62570

Jean-Marc Ly

Cofounder of @taxiwise @citywise-2. Communications Manager at @mobexo. Marketing, Branding, Presentation/Public Speaking, HTML, Worked at Telenav, Varian Medical

ID 271162

Shuo Yang

Founder of ASPECD Apparel • Previously at BCG • Extensive work experience in mainland China & Hong Kong • Engineering degrees from Berkeley & Stanford. .

ID 30544

Alex Jawad

Co-founder @30k. Strong in product concept & biz dev, sales, financial analysis. Founder & ex-Director @Luxclusif.com / @UpteamCorp

ID 155699

Jerry Liu

Co-Founder & product at Struts + Springs. Manages concept validation and talks to users.

ID 9010

Stefan Schneider

CTO at Top Admit. Internet entrepreneur. Digital native. E-commerce specialist (EUR 300+ million revenue p.a.)

ID 34466

Karthi Keyan

Co-Founder & CEO of Blaze Web Services Pvt Ltd.

ID 256312

Jennifer Wong

Co-founder of Captain Planner. Co-founder of VettedByV, an event based community for professionals. MIT B.S., Harvard Business School MBA.

ID 106362

Brian Ardinger

MD @NMotionStartup accelerator in Lincoln, NE; co-founder @Econicco; EiR @NUtechVentures; co-founder @TheBigPlate; former CMO @Nanonation

ID 129182

Lily Tse

Founder/CEO @happy-monday, @think-dirty

ID 117825

Tony Chen

Clever string manipulator with an eye for design.

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 175685

Sarah Lee

Founder @meyesyou • Assistant Vice President @cbre, @pwc-1 • Graduated First Place in MBA at @university-of-technology-sydney, studied Architecture @university-of-sydney

ID 194111

Fon Tran

Founder of Yoketown. Software and Data Engineer

ID 68371

Eric Tang

Co-founder of @appgreen.com, Business Strategy Director of Four Directions, Founding President of Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Alliance

ID 39423

Claas Grimm

Managing Director and Co-Founder of Freemiu. Strong management experience in game companies. Worked in Hamburg, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Shanghai.

ID 212988

Ivan Cherepukhin

CEO of Wonderwork. Founder of @round-hlm and Manner & Matter label. Worked at Saatchi & Saatchi, RZLTT and Windfall Systems.

ID 83337

Charles L Phillips III

Charles L.Phillips III is a major entertainment industry professional with 20 years experience.The Chairman/CEO of Universal Forces International Inc.....

ID 205851

Patrick Corr

MD & CoFounder @decision-fuel • Worked @monitor-group (strategy), @star-tv-news-corp, @tiger-gate-entertainment • Studied @university-of-cambridge

ID 321767

Roy Lam

Founder @tuttimelon-usa-asia, @adviniti-corp • Worked at @johnson-johnson, @applied-materials • Studied at @wharton-school, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 311254

Martin Kessler

Founder @phonejoy. ★ Looking for App Developers & UX/UI Designer ★ MSc CUHK

ID 217462

Kader Garnier Aw

Founder SportizingMe • Worked at @johnson & Johnson, @danone in Asia-Pacific, US and Europe • Studied at @hec-montreal & @INSEAD

ID 58615

Ong Kok Choong

Communication Engineer. Tech Entrepreneur. Founder & COO at @hoiio.

ID 58462

Lucian Lacau

Founded sleepherehk

ID 73067

Thomas Lextrait

CEO / Founder at @studifi Inc

ID 99691

Jeffrey Broer


Co-founder @surround-app, Co-founder of @Reqor.com, Founder of @grayscale-ltd-hk, Previous Co-Founder of Goldpoint and worked at @bbned-isp

ID 159842

Theodore Ma

Stanford, founded 1st DIY jewelry ecommerce in HK, founded largest coworking space in HK

ID 7427

Christian Pillsbury

MD/founder of Applied Wine: 14 years in all areas of the wine business, degree in wine business strategy, advisor on fine wine logistics to HK government.

ID 249924


Founder/CEO of Blueprint Fit; Fulbright Fellow; Wellness Manager Mandarin Oriental Hotel HK; MBA Cornell; Fearless leader who delivers results with compassion

ID 317039

Louis Bellet


Web enthusiast, web architect and business strategist whose passion and drive has led to a successful career in the industry.

ID 75917

Tomas Milar


Founder of Startupr. Serial entrepreneur and adviser on Venture Capital, Exponent of EVA method - Valuation of companies.

ID 111230

Peggy Dold

Founder, Navigation Partners LLC; Global Marketing Strategist & Entertainment Consultant

ID 194922

Nikolay Piryankov

Co-founder of Rare Pink and UniPreneur • Worked at @dabs @glaxosmithkline, @britvic • Studied at @university-of-manchester

ID 75429

Andrew H. Chen

Jack of All Trades and Serial Entrepreneur based in Hong Kong; Originally from Canada. Juggling Management Consulting, Entrepreneurship and Academia for 6 years

ID 274580

Ian Oliver

Founder @buena-vida-chile, @in-a-box-ltd-hk

ID 12502

Julian Lee

Founder @Ambi Labs • Worked at @accenture, @rimasia-capital • Investor @project-alba

ID 310353

Chris Hodgeman


General Manager Maventus Group Investment Banking and Asset Management including Credit Suisse and ABN Amro. Chris lives in Hong Kong.

ID 132973

Paul Sitbon

Founder of @wikifun-and-wikiapps, a former McKinsey consultant with 20 yrs experience for Fortune 100 Cies in Organization Strategy and IS in Europe and the US

ID 95343

Denver Dale

Worked at @goldman-sachs • Studied at @oxford-university, @university-of-queensland

ID 222895

SAM Rizvi

Worked at @aericon-inc, @Big Oil & Gas, @pwc-consulting, • Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-california-los-angeles

ID 201431

Jimmy Lam

Co-founder @tangomingo • Worked at @accenture, @bmo-capital-markets • P.Eng • Javascript hacker

ID 320719

Mendel Wong

ID 192603

Angelo Ortaliz De Guzman

Worked @ a Big 5 Consulting Firm, Founder @ RocketLabs, Partner @ HyperTier, Went to MIT-Manila

ID 58694

Angel Lai

Founder of @catfan, @mu6, @qatrix and @medoo at the same time. Entrepreneur, developer, designer and manager.

ID 452698

Thomas Ma

Founder @HOHOJO. With corporate landlord background. Believes the internet can do even more for the real estate industry.

ID 119490

Alexey Krekhalev

The @greatiful-1.com founder

ID 8043

Keith W. Bacon

Technology, Research, Consulting, Entrepreneur

ID 251063

Jason Bajaj

Over the years, Jason Vij Bajaj has proven himself to be a key leader in the fields of investment banking and private equity.

ID 57636

Bonita Wang

Founder of iDonate; 7 years experience in private equity and audit

ID 91381


Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer. Founder, @emotitones. Producer, Beyond Sound Media. Billboard Artist. Intern, Sony BMG. M.M. Music Tech, @nyu. B.A. Multimedia, Case.

ID 405937

Jacky Chan

Full-stack Developer. Dropout. Entrepreneur. Previously cofounded @stylenearby, @stampup, @omnistream-2, @startlab-hong-kong.

ID 345176

Partha Chakraborty

Founder 360huts, @libberati-1 • Worked at @accenture, @citic-group • Studied at @birla-institute-of-management-technology

ID 58818

Low Chee Seng

Entrepreneur. Investor. Founder and CEO at @hoiio (Cloud Communication). Chairman at Lumina Systems (Industrial LED Lighting and Components).

ID 163518

George Sukhishvili


Representing a consulting company from Hong Kong interested to invest in new business ideas.

ID 333104

Patrick Chu, PhD

Founder of 99Scholars. PhD in Psychology in UNSW.

ID 187718

Fernando Martin Santana

CTO @investorbit • Entrepreneur, CTO, Growth Hacker • Worked at @telefonica, @emc, @citibank, @ntt • BSc BA, MSc CS, Master in BI

ID 342219

Sepand Norouzi

Founder of Glimpse • Canada's Next 36 • Software Engineering and Tech Entrepreneurship from @mcgill-university

ID 148373

Maximilian Pölnitz

CEO of Secret Ingredient. First ready to cook food service in Hong Kong. MBA from INSEAD. Worked across Asia with CB Richard Ellis.

ID 95087

Zane Moi

Currently at AWS. Previous Co-Founder at @treecrunch-limited-1, @photobookasia. Former Regional Director at RIM. HKU MBA.

ID 258483

Peter Chapman

Founder @ediply, MA Grad • @ebs-oestrich-winkel, @hku @rmit-university. Varied Business background. Globally orientated.

ID 447050

Cindy Yen

Founder of Glance. Business designer. Currently data + product @bloomberg. Serial innovator @hult-prize. Young Entrepreneurs of the Future Alumna.

ID 319881

Michael Gasiorek

Founder @shophop; past startups @splat @SusGen. Connector/evangelist @startup-grind @DrinkEntrep @startupdigest. Coach @nu-idea. Asia/EU/US marketing maverick.

ID 407977

Daniel L. Wright

Co-Founder and CEO @Paradigm Energy Research Company; President @lewis Lifetime Tools. Strong management skills. Columbia Law School, UC Davis

ID 239562

Carlos Grajeda

Entrepreneur, Co-founder at PayAllies.

ID 475305

Gary Fung

Founder, CEO of @isohunt-inc for the past 11 years.

ID 22994

Olivier Lalonde

Friendly hacker & entrepreneur. Sr. Software Engineer. Full-stack web engineer.

ID 86211

Peggy Choi

Significant experience in Southeast Asia. Founded @TheStraitsNetwork, Advising @Navagis, Worked at @goldman-sachs, @silver-lake-partners • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 409808

Laurent Le Pen

Founder and CEO of Omate. Wearable. French entrepreneur living in Shenzhen and HK since 2007. Strategic Alliances in the Mobile Phone Design industry since 2005

ID 419454

Markus Stefanko

CEO at stefanXO, maintainer of the XO network and personal CTO to Morten Lund

ID 175274

Cathryn Chen

Founder @moneythink • Worked at @jp-morgan, @deutsche-bank • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles

ID 38723

Laurent Lombardo

Worked at @thetmsway-com • Studied at @universite-paris-dauphine

ID 206002

Kenneth Law

Filmmaker/Entrepreneur • Founder at @filmskout • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 388218

Adam Wintle

Managing Director of Monogon, a Bangkok-based web design and development studio.

ID 425122

Lukasz Kos

Founder Four O Nine • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @jagiellonian-university

ID 221971

Louis Li

COO | Experienced Internet/ Hi-tech Executive | Operation Optimization and Business Expansion | Directors of Operations at Groupon China & HK

ID 105204

Antoine Sorel Neron

@verbase (semantic search engine) founder

ID 198240

Vincent Mah

Founder of @giftpass

ID 171079

J.C. Brackens

Founder of @contrarian-innovations • Worked at @verizon Wireless, @Sambreel Services LLC • Studied at @arizona-state-university, @morehouse-college

ID 91595

Elvis Wong

Co-founder at @greybox Inc.

ID 451996

David Lam

Worked at @barclays-capital • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 382846

Ricky Santillan

Founder @dual-action-blender worked @ssc-b-lintas-worldwide and @bates-advertising studied @university-of-the-philippines-diliman

ID 33618

David Greenwood

Student, Entrepreneur, Founder, Adventurer

ID 128844

Kasper Christensen

Co-Partner at Dream Conception. Working with start-ups including cSupport a live chat solution and Peakium for recurring payments.

ID 456856

D. James Guzy, Jr.

CoFounder The Cloudminer • Studied at @university-of-california-davis, @university of Minnesota, @university of Hong K. Co-Founder PLX Tech invented PCI Express

ID 343784

Ivan Topalov

Worked in banking in Europe and Asia; Looking for finance / biz dev roles in VCs and tech startups; Building a social gaming platform; Columbia SIPA 2008

ID 114569

Fernando Diez

Partner, China Minds. Advise on China-Europe investments from London and Hong Kong. Strong business and entrepreneurial background. London Business School MBA.

ID 60171

Joss Crowcroft

Lead Product Developer at @demand-analytics. Drinks tea, loves JavaScript and open-source, plays piano and ukulele.

ID 96237

Terri Wong

Digital Graphic Designer & Cognitive Branding Strategist. Advocate of Cognitive Sciences, Brand Building, IT Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Global Business.

ID 420622

Leo Wong

Founder of @sensbeat-limited-1; Worked in the US, HK and the Mainland China. Studied in HKUST.

ID 107361

Jim Coke

ID 183321

Rick Ha

Founder & CEO at Keyway Innovations • Worked as Senior Scientist at @philips • PhD 2006 from @university-of-waterloo

ID 171834

Jacob Groundwater

Founder @card-tap-app • Worked at @simon-fraser-university University, @its-kelowna • Studied at @simon-fraser-university, @fudan-university

ID 114970

Danny Ching

Lifestyle, Marketing, Technology. East Meets West. Founder & CEO, iClub International. Hong Kong | Shanghai | Beijing

ID 495107

Silva Sze

Founder of Panjury, a social network where you can find what people love and hate!

ID 487155

ronel hands


this is sparta

ID 161216

Vaughn Hew

Co-Founder @whogotstuff. Developer (Elec Engineering, Comp Sci, Systems Engineering, Cyber Security). Street photography, Taichi, cooking.

ID 363831

Kris Jane

Founder Kris Jane, @kris-jane-2 • Worked at @convoy • Studied at @boston-university

ID 131942

Nini Suet

Co-Founder at Startup in New Media

ID 283488

Kevon Cheung

Web Developer & Startup Enthusiast.

ID 110972

Harry Ng

Founder of XinPlus Previously founded @ican, LookForDesigner • MSc E-commerce at @university-of-hong-kong, BEng in CSIE at HKUST

ID 419443

David Ko


CEO of @daylight-partnership, a digital mktg agency and tech incubator. Worked at @cisco @redback-networks @waggener-edstrom. Grad of @hong-kong-polytechnic-university University.

ID 320626

Hesperus Mak

Founder of ShopHop. Trend Forecaster at The Forescope.

ID 134790

Sanchez Lam

Founder of Seigakudo Studio. Creative Professional.

ID 278896

andrew rose

Co-founder and CTO @lawpath. Designed solutions for Accenture, IBM and large South East Asia telcos like Singtel. Now a startupper. Obsessed with shipping code.

ID 258552

Chen Yang

Co-Founded iMedia.fm A7 Edutainment Platform. B.S. and Masters in Computer Science, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.

ID 171983

Bryan Zhu

Studied at @fudan-university

ID 494321

Gaurav Law

Founder & CEO of Personality Products with offices in Hong Kong, Dubai & China. Strong background & interest in entrepreneurship & biz development.

ID 506560

Matthew Tam

Co-Founder @myflat.hk. Worked at Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan, and UBS. Masters in Industrial Management and Manufacturing (in Technology and Innovation Management) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

ID 449894

Maximilian Göbel

Founder Glance

ID 54167

Marcin Olszowy

Founder @my-cool-sms. Entrepreneur. Studied Communications and Computer Systems in Munich, Germany.

ID 119702

Mike Oliver

Founder of O4BO the OpenSource ERP, CRM and Financials Software as a Service company.

ID 444585

[email protected]

Founder @ GADZIO Inc.

ID 181796

Alessandro Bisagni

Founder @bee-1 • Worked at @arup • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 36853

Chris Baker

Managing Director of Totem Media. Previously owner in Eight Partnership. Worked at Global Sources and GroupM.

ID 192476

Anthony Lam

Web/UI Designer at @lemonstand • Strong Art & Design background from @university-of-british-columbia

ID 38975

Nathan Kaiser

Founder @eiger-law (Greater China legal practice). Director ECCT. Swiss Attorney, member Berlin Bar, Hong Kong Law Society, Taipei Bar Assoc. Lecturer Uni HSG.

ID 376702

Mark Hiriart


Founder Owner JADED MMA. Worked at @jpmorgan-chase. @masters-in-computer-science-1 @university-college-london-1

ID 196118

Graham Mumm

Founder @bilder-languages, @leanmill, formerly TravaLift • Worked at @sandisk, @usda . Advisor, world traveler, voracious reader, slightly crazy, forever curious.

ID 84192

Francesco Lo Conte

Founder Esprow • Worked at @Goldman Sachs, @Bear Stearns & Co. Inc., @fidessa

ID 436664

Jessica Cheung

UCL graduate, digital marketing experience, helped launch Jamie Oliver tv & publications in multiple countries.

ID 144511

Belle Liu

Founded digital agency BeansBox in Hong Kong in 2003.

ID 225922

Bosco Cheung

Founder of Minds • Worked at @deloitte-consulting, @touch-softworks

ID 102064

Hayden Saunders

Founder GroupIntent, Director Epsilon APAC, computer science graduate + strong business background.

ID 103406

Marco Sparmberg

Transmedia Producer, co-founder @haexagon-concepts based in Hong Kong. MFA

ID 156955

Markus Lampinen

Founder Crowd Valley, co-founder & COO Grow VC, international serial entrepreneur,

ID 289622

B Chen Ka Kit

Founder @Playroll • Studied at @hong-kong-university-of-technology

ID 441619

Ann Chan

Economics Undergraduate at University College London President @UCLentrepreneur Founder @londonYC13

ID 265680

Simon Cheung

Studied at @chinese-university-of-hong-kong

ID 28872

Tony Rouget

Founder of @dsp4you. Team member of @adamson-systems, @engineering-harmonics, @biamp-systems.

ID 45689

Filip Vandegehuchte

Internet veteran, founded and sold a hosting company, has been active as consultant for 10 years plus , product design education

ID 99647

Stelios Xeroudakis

Founder, Cloud Carib & CTO, NISI Yachts

ID 384611

Brandon Lee

Founder and CEO at OpenRecruiters. Strong business development and specialist recruitment experience; Worked in specialist recruitment agency.

ID 79068

Sam Bruce

Founder Much Better Adventures • Studied at @university-of-st-andrews

ID 33939

Tatsuo Sato

Co-Founder, CEO of @shiroube - The marketplace linking travelers with local residents to enable users to freely seek micro local guides. - http://shiroube.com/

ID 74320

Wesley Ng

CEO, Co-Founder @casetagram; QUT

ID 409951

Ryder Lee

CTO of @ikky. Strong technical and business background (Projects including HK website with most visitors, World top 100 website, high-frequency trading system)

ID 506521

Antony Wong

Co-Founder @myflat.hk. Worked at JPMorgan as a project manager. Graduated from Schulich School of Business.

ID 68022

John Maglio

Performing artist, artist, producer, engineer, inventor, manufacturing expert, quality control

ID 156509

Andrew Tse

Chief Inspector at @purelygadgets an Electronics and gadget retailer in the UK. Won awards for great niche brands and cutting edge digital marketing.

ID 13370

Ralph Wintle

Founder of Lovvd.com. Ruby on Rails developer & Starter League (formerly CodeAcademy) Alum.

ID 225927

Andy Sitt


Worked at @digital-vision • Studied MBA at @university-of-hull

ID 494920

Matthew O'Neill


Angel investor based in HK - interested in scalable businesses that I understand

ID 258337

Mohammed Elalj

Founder @refurbme. Self-driven and ambitious engineer student @insa-lyon. Focus on Entrepreneurship with a passion for great products & UX.

ID 102063

Simon Henry

CIO of a large property franchise group, Global Head of Product REA Group, MD Hong Kong Media Agency marketing to High Net Worth Individuals in China.

ID 120131


Consummate technologist, cross-discipline developer, entrepreneur.

ID 314005

AMQ Tailors

ID 166542

Erland Tjintjelaar, MD

ID 108368

Sarah Moore

Online editing and proofreading services. Check out our Word Blog for great writing tips and grammar guides. We follow back!

ID 255784

Matt Davies

CEO @phatrice-com. 1st company started when 15yrs old. Strong business/mkt/project management background. Studied at @valparaiso-university. Years of International Experience.

ID 448677

Stephane Lambert

Founder Wishtrend Thailand, PROMOSPA • Worked at @bagatelle-enterprises

ID 400147

Mohamed Ait Hassoune

Studied at @ecole-centrale-paris

ID 412243

Tay Yong Ngee

CEO @ Primo . Agressive Type Enterprenuer

ID 130752

Ferdinand de Antoni

Founder GaugeDB, @farmington-limited • Worked at @supply-chain-consulting (now Fujitsu), @viewlocity-inc, @atos-origin, and @abn-amro-bank.

ID 434491

Solomon Freeman Looi


Serial Entrepreneur. Within 10 years has ventured into Telco, ICT, MLM, FOREX, Hedge Fund, Events, Media Production & Business Consulting for Fortune 500.

ID 260

Gunnar Järv

Hacker, technologist, entrepreneur, angel investor and a globetrotter.

ID 66621

Tony Sandoval

Founding Partner of @angry-villagers. Worked in Interactive on 3 Continents. Manages Project Teams Around the World. 30 years of programming and still going.

ID 449486

Kevin Jochelson

Founder and Chief Events Officer at Fiestafy. Ex-Investment Banker. B. Commerce/B. Arts USYD 2012. Scholarship recipient from USYD, HUJI (Israel), CUHK (Hk).

ID 286129

Jason Wong

Founder of Air Gofer. Currently looking for investors.

ID 384619

Hyde Cheung

Founder Trillion Media Division, Official partners with Fashion TV. Working with Guangdong TV, Sina, Tencent, Youku, for various FTV Projects.

ID 202304

Gerardo Alton-Ortega

Founder @vital-digital-global-corp and creator of Digi-cards download cards and digi-codes download codes

ID 106148

Adelaïde de PERLINGHI

Founder of @arte-vox Hand Picked Art Sourcing for Corporations, Hotels, Designers, Architects and Private Collectors (Art Dealer, Investments Banker background)

ID 44010

Mark Sears

Founder/CEO CloudFactory, previous founder/CEO of @sprout-technology & @godspeed-computing, 1st employee at Zucotto Wireless (raised $48 million), worked at Sun

ID 160605

Morning Wu

Founder @learn-achiever-limited

ID 425166

Solomon Jacob

Founder SOLIAIR™ - Breathing Made Easy!

ID 255363

Hang Poon

Worked at @sina-1

ID 306619

Harry E. Anderson III

Many years of Experience working in FLA, LA, Japan and Hong Kong.

ID 250007

Steve Murray

Brand Director of Coconut Workshop LLC. Creative, young, ambitious entrepreneur with strong design background.

ID 5886

Alexander Frederiksen

ID 354179

Vitaliy Shopov

Founder UnitySales

ID 502720

Lenny Tjoe

Founder of Wink & Winn. Living and working in China for the past 10 years.

ID 112401

Lok Hui

One of the founder of @faszion-1.com, University graduate in Hong Kong. Strong experience in Prada, Lane Crawford, and fashion field.

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