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ID 218004

Steve Cook


CTO w 20 yrs exp and passion for software development. Founder @slicify, Ex CIO Eclipse Options, SVP Lehman Brothers, MD Orc Software, founder ConnectedMarkets.

ID 57858

Joel Pitt

CTO at @demand-analytics. Lead developer of the artificial general intelligence framework "OpenCog". PhD in Ecoinformatics. DJ.

ID 205905

Noel del Rosario

Front End

ID 29445

Nicholas Wang

Co-founder at @100village Driven to solve big social problems. Co-founded @makible, product managed [email protected] Ex @yahoo, @microsoft.

ID 100756

Carlos Rivera

Cofounder of PayAllies; Worked at HP Labs, Microsoft and Hydra-Tech.

ID 21920

Cory Kidd

Founder & CEO, @intuitive-automata. Creates interactive robot coaches for behavior change. Market 1: weight loss. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Media Lab PhD in human-robot interaction.

ID 36387

Marco Fung

Co-founder of @singboard. Co-founder of @9gag. Computer Science HKUST.

ID 73067

Thomas Lextrait

CEO / Founder at @studifi Inc

ID 98570

Bill McCord

Founder and CTO at @intuitive-automata Inc.

ID 53532

Darwin Ling


Founder @thump-games •Chief Architect at @jaxtr, Sr Director @skyfire ( Acquired by Opera ), Hacker/Data Nerd, BS/MS @purdue-university , MBA @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 175186

Andrew Tipton

Freelance developer in Hong Kong. Previously designed novel search algorithms at Adioso and redeveloped a real-money prediction market for iPredict.

ID 118200

Stanley Tang

Tech Entrepreneur, Marketer, Blogger, Designer and Overall Thinker. Author of eMillions. Co-Founder of @doordash Student at @stanford-university '14

ID 160378

Dafeng Guo

Founder Striking.ly • Worked at @yahoo, @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley

ID 156368

Wai Lun Hong

CEO of @snaptee. Love physics. Developer at @razorfish, Bootstrapped @gobuya-com to $5MM revenue in 2 years.

ID 22343

Taylor Luk

Founder of @issue • ANU '06 • @angelpad Alum • Product pesign & Strategy for Startups & Corps, Previously, bootstrapped site to 0.5M daily hits in a year.

ID 429150

Michael McCord

Founder @learnernation-1

ID 45224

Joel Gascoigne

Founder & CEO, @buffer: a smarter way to share. @angelpad alum. Took idea to revenue in 7 weeks. Now 1.2m users share 300K posts/day. Blogger, speaker, advisor.

ID 117825

Tony Chen

Clever string manipulator with an eye for design.

ID 142877

Victor Lam

Co-Founder & CTO of @codementor • Creator of @ResumeTracker • Senior Software Engineer of @jiepang • Chief Developer of @nuandao

ID 307791

Philip Yu

Web & iOS Developer

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 261328

Jimmy Chu

Co-founder of WTF Ltd. Formed a webgame startup at 2006. Wearing multiple hats to get things done, including programmer, BD, project manager.

ID 53242

Loki Ng

Co-founded OneSky. A web geek.

ID 475305

Gary Fung

Founder, CEO of @isohunt-inc for the past 11 years.

ID 60171

Joss Crowcroft

Lead Product Developer at @demand-analytics. Drinks tea, loves JavaScript and open-source, plays piano and ukulele.

ID 101057

Stephen Leung

Founder and Creative Director at Linksolutions Games. Strong creative mind. 5 Yr experiences in Casual Game and PC Game Development.

ID 312090

Hubert Lee

Technologist • Studied at @rice-university

ID 405937

Jacky Chan

Full-stack Developer. Dropout. Entrepreneur. Previously cofounded @stylenearby, @stampup, @omnistream-2, @startlab-hong-kong.

ID 223415

James Zhang

GM, Head of China m-Payments @mpowa @powa. My job is to sell ideas. @samsung Ásia, @ogilvy @dentsu Creative, @research-in-motion Evangelist @kpmg Innovator

ID 194111

Fon Tran

Founder of Yoketown. Software and Data Engineer

ID 359886

Jonathan Lu

Previously Founded @omnistream-2 & @stampup. Mobile design and development. Leather craftsman.

ID 326821

Sum Wong

HKUST CS, 2-year startup experience, Co-founder of PicknPoll

ID 22994

Olivier Lalonde

Friendly hacker & entrepreneur. Sr. Software Engineer. Full-stack web engineer.

ID 58694

Angel Lai

Founder of @catfan, @mu6, @qatrix and @medoo at the same time. Entrepreneur, developer, designer and manager.

ID 461610

Jikun (Jacob) Wu

PhD in Computer Science, HKU; Linkedin: http://hk.linkedin.com/in/wujikun/

ID 342219

Sepand Norouzi

Founder of Glimpse • Canada's Next 36 • Software Engineering and Tech Entrepreneurship from @mcgill-university

ID 140415

Alan Ho

Worked at @isobar, @maxus-groupm • Eight years of technology consulting in marketing and media industries

ID 303845

Ben Liong

Skilled Mobile Developer with 6 years of project management.

ID 497361

Jonathan Mak

Research at MIT and University of Cambridge, Masters Engineering, Vice President of GU Hong Kong Society

ID 469689

Rodolphe Edouard

Stanford CS, worked at IBM Almaden Research

ID 187718

Fernando Martin Santana

CTO @investorbit • Entrepreneur, CTO, Growth Hacker • Worked at @telefonica, @emc, @citibank, @ntt • BSc BA, MSc CS, Master in BI

ID 320719

Mendel Wong

ID 64877

Calvin Chun-yu Chan

Designer, UI Engineer, UX Advocate, Digital Illustrator, Sketchnoter.

ID 461782

Kwong Wang Ho

Full time software/ Java / PHP web application developer/ engineer and Analyst programer.

ID 298029


Backend business flow, mobile app development, SQL tuning

ID 278896

andrew rose

Co-founder and CTO @lawpath. Designed solutions for Accenture, IBM and large South East Asia telcos like Singtel. Now a startupper. Obsessed with shipping code.

ID 110972

Harry Ng

Founder of XinPlus Previously founded @ican, LookForDesigner • MSc E-commerce at @university-of-hong-kong, BEng in CSIE at HKUST

ID 425871

Karen Farzam

Web developer - engineer. Looking for start-up opportunities in Asia.

ID 471661

Jacquet Wong

Solid experience in programming; Enjoy working under startup atmosphere; Worked at Divide, Trend Micro.

ID 218629

Ming Wong

Lead Engineer at OneSky. Lifelong Learning, Constantly experimenting and iterating. Agile Lover. TDD Lover. Focus.

ID 171834

Jacob Groundwater

Founder @card-tap-app • Worked at @simon-fraser-university University, @its-kelowna • Studied at @simon-fraser-university, @fudan-university

ID 310659

Jonathan Leang

ID 236754

Adarsh Hasija

UIUC ECE alumni, Appcelerator Titanium developer

ID 119702

Mike Oliver

Founder of O4BO the OpenSource ERP, CRM and Financials Software as a Service company.

ID 445134

Justin Moen

Thinker. Nascent software engineer.

ID 235980

Shucen Wu

Studies at @university-of-rochester Dual majors in Financial Economics and Math & Statistics Joint Major; TA and various related internship experiences.

ID 474059

Scott Cheung

Launched 10+ app including commercial and enterprise iOS mobile application. Solid experience in Clean Code and Object-Oriented Programming.

ID 393702

Michael Au-Yeung

UCLA CS, full stack engineer, lead mobile app dev team, lead core platform team, worked at Yahoo, PHP, Ruby, C++, build scalable software

ID 258552

Chen Yang

Co-Founded iMedia.fm A7 Edutainment Platform. B.S. and Masters in Computer Science, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.

ID 398270

kan chun

Successful creators of innovative consumer products from concept to manufacturing as well as sales and marketing.

ID 161216

Vaughn Hew

Co-Founder @whogotstuff. Developer (Elec Engineering, Comp Sci, Systems Engineering, Cyber Security). Street photography, Taichi, cooking.

ID 283488

Kevon Cheung

Web Developer & Startup Enthusiast.

ID 429719

Mark de Haan

Founder @eyelights • Worked at @mc-groep

ID 472709

Sunny Chow

Worked at @microsoft, @computer-sciences-corporation • Studied at @chinese-university-of-hong-kong

ID 289622

B Chen Ka Kit

Founder @Playroll • Studied at @hong-kong-university-of-technology

ID 45689

Filip Vandegehuchte

Internet veteran, founded and sold a hosting company, has been active as consultant for 10 years plus , product design education

ID 324207



ID 23167

yu bank

Worked at @sohu, @42qu-com • Studied at @chinese-university-of-hong-kong

ID 459847

Debjyoti Sarkar

IIT Maths and Comp, 4 awesome years of software development, looking for more awesome works.

ID 507957

Wilson Tang

ID 179497

Pedro Pimentel

Full stack developer with a no- nonsense approach on developing software/people

ID 347240

Mon Leung

Software Engineer. Play Piano. Love Technology and music.

ID 441812

Marvin Lam

Studied at @hong-kong-university-of-science-and-technology-1

ID 465825

Eric Tang

Lead Engineer, Launched 30+ Android Apps, Android Porting, Robotic enthusiast.

ID 177804

Eric Tsang

ID 366915

SoonKhen OwYong

Yet Another Web Developer in Rails and JS

ID 434086

Calvin Chan

Software Engineer at Sensbeat Work with talents, code with fun

ID 475329

Janice Lao

Business analyst with IT experience in banking industry.

ID 478647

Nash Yeung

System Architect. Worked at @start-judgegill and @iclick-interactive.

ID 22532

Sean Davidson

CEO of Avancert. Startup, technology businesses turnaround and project recovery experience in Asia and Oceania. MBA Southern Queensland.

ID 225922

Bosco Cheung

Founder of Minds • Worked at @deloitte-consulting, @touch-softworks

ID 245939

Martin Moscosa

St Andrews Web Project Manager and Developer. UX Expertise.

ID 315410


Co-founder of Jungle Age. Master in CS @university-of-hong-kong. Tutored at @city-university-of-hong-kong. Excellent web portal developer

ID 292439

Conrad Pantua

HKUST Computer Science, Bachelor Degree. Designed and implemented multiple projects in different platforms such as including ASP.NET/VB.NET, android development, Java and JSP, Unreal Engine development, etc... Worked in World Health Organization in a summ

ID 447139

Andrew Booth

Technical go-to man at Lovecars, computer science and marketing graduate still a student of life.

ID 470930

Gavin Ng

Tech head at WebSwami, developing unique experiences with online video language technology and content. Vast bredth of creative/technical/pedagogy skills.

ID 289630

Ken Fong

Founder and CTO of Shopict, also PhD student in CityU

ID 283516

Mak Hei

Associate Degree of Creative and Interactive Media Production Graduates (HK,CCCU).

ID 208941

Cyril Kong

Founded TAPA loyalty program. Currently is an UX-design in HongKong. Who passionate in Start-up.

ID 253796

Benedict Wong

Founder at Versed. 3rd startup. BD entrepreneur. Law grad with a finance background

ID 84016

Dexter Hu

Performance Engineer, API Automation, PhD in Computer Science

ID 204760

Victor Lam

Rails developer

ID 122786

Kris Duffy

Currently an iOS developer at @lgm-development. Previously I worked at Dell Inc. for 10 years as an applications systems engineer.

ID 76439


Increase your @twitter traffic and @facebook likes. Social Media for Business, Technology, and Marketing. From Geeks to Go-Getters! News, trends, information!

ID 410185

Guy Freeman

Statistics PhD who is passionate about using data to change the world

ID 267213

賢明 林

ID 117148

Dmitry Solomadin

Co-founder/CTO at Skwibl. Java/RoR/Javascript developer with more than 5 years of experience.

ID 476659


C# Developer, MVC, MongoDB

ID 282906

Rex H W So

Worked as a developer in CSC HK to develop insurance system used by global insurance companies; Passionate in building products for large-scale users around the world; Love challenges and would like to join an energetic start-up.

ID 13370

Ralph Wintle

Founder of Lovvd.com. Ruby on Rails developer & Starter League (formerly CodeAcademy) Alum.

ID 229867

Jake Choi

Worked at @lane-crawford • Studied at @griffith-university

ID 439143


Student in computer sciences & management, dynamic, efficient, versatile, French, iOS app, ultra-motivated

ID 335788

Simon Mok

There are two ways of constructing a software design: One way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies, and the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. The first method is far more difficult.

ID 120131


Consummate technologist, cross-discipline developer, entrepreneur.

ID 312719

Wouter De Loose

Frontend developer based in Hong Kong.

ID 375863


worked at google

ID 488313

Stefan Thorpe

Solutions Architect with 12 years experience outlining architecture across domains and functions

ID 487300

Neo Chow

Test Automationist.

ID 44010

Mark Sears

Founder/CEO CloudFactory, previous founder/CEO of @sprout-technology & @godspeed-computing, 1st employee at Zucotto Wireless (raised $48 million), worked at Sun

ID 356468

Soon Leung

a passionate iOS designer/developer who live and breathe with mobile app design & development

ID 509154

Sorpa'as Plat


ID 425166

Solomon Jacob

Founder SOLIAIR™ - Breathing Made Easy!

ID 409951

Ryder Lee

CTO of @ikky. Strong technical and business background (Projects including HK website with most visitors, World top 100 website, high-frequency trading system)

ID 182429

Xiaobing Shi

Experienced Developer, Project Manager and Consultant with Strong Experience from the U.S. and Asia

ID 354179

Vitaliy Shopov

Founder UnitySales

ID 450599

Vivek Manglani

Full stack web developer. Experience with PHP (Laravel), Javascript, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch...etc

ID 447340

Eric Yu

iOS Developer

ID 235109

Lau Vincent

Learns things quick, familiar with both front end and back end, speaks English,Chinese,Japanese and German

ID 433627

Neha Kanotra

ID 439895


ID 394669

Julien MARY

Senior IT Manager & Drupal Web Dev & Open source Solutions Architect & Creative Problem Solver & IT Guru

ID 459812

Max Wolter

ID 66621

Tony Sandoval

Founding Partner of @angry-villagers. Worked in Interactive on 3 Continents. Manages Project Teams Around the World. 30 years of programming and still going.

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