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ID 286129

Jason Wong

Founder of Air Gofer. Currently looking for investors.

ID 54167

Marcin Olszowy

Founder @my-cool-sms. Entrepreneur. Studied Communications and Computer Systems in Munich, Germany.

ID 216006

Xiaoyu Hugh Hou

Founder/CTO @creatorup-1 • Studied at @cornell-university, @ithaca-college • UX/UI Designer and Developer, Video SEO specialist, Youtube Certified in Production and Audience Growth

ID 358995

Ming Yin

Crazy Monster!

ID 243717

Charles Siu

ID 9010

Stefan Schneider

CTO at Top Admit. Internet entrepreneur. Digital native. E-commerce specialist (EUR 300+ million revenue p.a.)

ID 201431

Jimmy Lam

Co-founder @tangomingo • Worked at @accenture, @bmo-capital-markets • P.Eng • Javascript hacker

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